Here at backYARD at Waller Creek, we pride ourselves on a dining experience that distills a whole lot of Austin, Texas character to its essence—and celebrates this great city we call home each and every day.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, come on out to the backYARD for homerun Lone Star State dining in downtown Austin!

Gourmet Texas Fare at backYARD Austin

Chef Lonny Huot and his kitchen whip up extraordinary Texas dishes boosted by plenty of signature touches, from house-made rubs and spices to fresh produce sourced from the backYARD at Waller Creek garden. Whether it’s chili con queso with braised green chili pork, the specialty Yard Burger, or a toothsome salad, you’ve got a meal worth writing home about here at our Sheraton Austin restaurant.

And whether it’s a pint of craft beer or backYARD Basil Daiquiri for toasting the evening or one of our signature Bloody Marys or TX Mojitos to go with brunch, our extensive cocktail, beer, and wine list earns the same sorts of raves as our food menu.

Downtown Austin Dining at backYARD at Waller Creek: The Whole Package

Of course, a visit to backYARD at Waller Creek goes beyond the perfection of our dishes and refreshments: It’s an all-around downtown Austin experience, complete with live music, bar games, and fantastic fresh-air vibes.

Keep an eye on our events calendar to find out which local Austin bands are swinging by our beautiful outdoor space to supply some wining-and-dining-friendly tunes as only the Live Music Capital of the World can deliver. There’s really nothing like tucking into one of Chef Huot’s creations over a round or two with a band onstage and a warm breeze in the live-oak leaves. It doesn’t get any better than downtown Austin dining at backYARD at Waller Creek!

Private Dining at backYARD at Waller Creek

If you’re looking for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot for private dining or a group event in downtown Austin, we’ve got you fully covered here at backYARD at Waller Creek. Simply fill out our online Request Form and we’ll follow up with you ASAP!

Breakfast to Dinner, Weekday to Weekend, Expect the Best in Downtown Austin Dining at backYARD at Waller Creek

Whether flying solo, date-nighting it up, or bringing a whole passel of hungry folks from the conference or festival or trade show, choose backYARD at Waller Creek for top-shelf dining and live music in downtown Austin. Reserve your table with us today!